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Update….. long overdue!

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Hey there everyone, it’s been a while since I last posted here but things have been busy and there is actually a lot that’s gone on since my last post.

I was once again a presenter at the HDI conference earlier this year and extremely thrilled to be invited to keynote the itSMF New Zealand conference this past May where I spoke on CyberSecurity. I spent several years working in the IT Security and Risk Management space so it is great to be incorporating those skills now into Configuration Management & Service Management solutions for my clients.

I have been co-hosting the AllThingsITSM global podcast which has been great. We have recorded 40+ podcasts from locations all over the world at ITSM and vendor conferences. They range from 8-12 minutes each and are indexed by topic so, they are easy to consume information relevant to you. You can go directly to the AllThingsITSM podcast channel or wait for me to slowly post them here.

I’ve also written several blogs for the folks over at AllThingsITSM (click for Carlos’ blogs) which I will post here as well over the coming weeks.  Again, I’ll slow roll them out here so you don’t get blasted with them all in one shot.  If you don’t want to wait, then head over to the AllThingsITSM site directly.

The folks at AllThingsITSM have lots of content from other authors as well, so, check them out to see who else is posting there.  New content is being added regularly.

Lastly, I am in the process of redesigning my sites (company, book and blog) so that they are more integrated and so you don’t have to have different credentials to get access to downloads. That is coming in the next few months.

Over the next few months, my tentative schedule for speaking/presentations or conference appearances is below.  If you plan to be at any of these events, please be sure to let me know so we can chat in person.

Digital Transformation IT Conference
September 8-11 ARIA®, Las Vegas

The Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps Transformation Summit
October 19-21, 2015 | San Francisco, CA

BEYOND 20’15 Agile Service Management Conference
October 21, Washington, DC

itSMF USA – Roar Into The Modern Age  Of Service Management
November 1-4, New Orleans, LA


So as you can see, I am going to be pretty busy traveling again. Stay tuned, there is a lot on its way over the coming months.


Organizational Change and Configuration Management

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According to a 2008 McKinsey & Company research study, they found that only about 30% of Change programs in organizations succeed and achieve their goals. Additional research by IBM in 2008 and in 2010 found similar statistics and more importantly, the IBM study found that 79% of CEOs anticipate even greater complexity ahead with more than half of them in doubt about their ability to manage it. These studies and metrics are about Organizational Change but think of them in terms of the impact it has on running an IT department within the larger enterprise. Will “fiefdoms” be broken down or established/reinforced? Will communication improve or worsen? Will all this need for “Change” and failure to achieve it create more confusion or less? Configuration Management seeks to provide insight to business outcomes and help with informed decision making along that same basis. How can Configuration Management initiatives succeed if they or their predecessor efforts don’t address reinforcing governance mechanisms, sharing/communicating a storyline to get core buy-in from everyone or ensuring that not only does everyone understand their role but more importantly, they understand it in terms of what it means to the broader objective that leadership has in mind. Read more…

Configuration Mgmt in Oslo & Stockholm…

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As I referred to in the previous post, I recently spent some time (8 days to be exact) working with folks in Norway and Sweden. I was invited to attend and participate in three sessions at the itSMF Norway 2014 Conference and Expo and was then asked by the itSMF Sweden chapter to fly over from Oslo to conduct a couple of sessions there for their itSMF members. Besides having several wonderful hosts that made the trip pleasurable and possible, it was lots of fun to meet a whole new group of people outside of the United States and see how they might do things differently and learn from them. In turn, hopefully I imparted some knowledge on them during my sessions and they too will grow.

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That’s a bold move… “Free Service Desk Software”

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This past week I spent traveling to Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden to participate in a series of presentations, round-table discussions and workshops on Configuration Management and the future of ITSM. Before leaving Norway and traveling to Stockholm to do a presentation and a three hour question & answer session for itSMF Sweden hosted by SwedBank where I answered any and all questions about Configuration Management, I was invited to participate in a panel discussion at the itSMF Norway annual conference to discuss the future of IT Service Management. It was a privilege to be invited and be on a panel of, in my opinion, a “who’s who” in the industry. On the panel was Paul Wilkerson; the “ABCs of ICT and Co-owner GamingWorks , Rob Stroud; Vice President Innovation & Strategy at CA and 2014-15 International President of ISACA Board of Directors, Kaimar Karu; Director of ITSM for Axelos and Colin Rudd; former itSMF UK Chairman of the Board. For the next hour, we sat in front of several hundred people and discussed as well as answered questions regarding where we felt the industry was going, the problems clients of ours all over the world were having and how culture was at the core of most of the challenges. What didn’t come up however was the costs of tools. It really wasn’t on the radar from the questions that were asked. In my opinion, for the cost of tools to even approach the discussion, it would have to be something fairly large, bold and disruptive.

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